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Cake & Cupcake Decorating Parties

Do you have a little girl or boy who wants to have a Cupcake Decorating Class with their friends?  You are just not up to decorating cupcakes. 


We'll bring you the cupcakes and everything, and watch us show them how to decorate their own masterpiece.. 

Give us a call Today... Classes have to be schedule 3 weeks in advance.. Doing classes at kids parties is fun, entertaining and keeps the kids busy.. Call us today and we will come out to you and we can all have a ball together decorating away.

We bring all the supplies for them to decorate their cupcakes and turn them into little masterpieces. 

*Unfrosted cupcakes*

*White Frosting*

*Colors to color frosting*

*Cupcake decorating bags w/ tips*

*Sprinkles and other decorative items*

*Disposable Apron to decorate* 

*Mini Treats table*

*Cupcake boxes

*Group Photo*

All you have to do is supply the space and table.

If you don't have a table we can help you with that. 

all you have to do is sit back and relax while I keep the guest entertained.


At the low price of $160.00 For 7 Kids

Each extrra child $14.00 

Basic Decorating 

1 hour..

We bring all the supplies and equipment needed for the kids to decorate thier own Personal Cake and Cupcakes. Watch them as they learn to color thier icing, Frost thier cakes and then decorate them. 

Watch all the excitement pour out into their little creations as they create their masterpiece. Each guest gets their own personal (6in.) size cake and 6 Cupcakes to decorate and take home with their families and friends..

Included in this package is:

*White Frosting*

*Supplies for Decorating Cakes & Cupcakes*

*Decorations for Cake & Cupcakes*

*Cake & Cupcake Box*

*Disposable Aprons to decorate*

*Tablecloth and Utensils*

*Mini Treats Table*

*Group Photo*

*Goody Bags to Put Goodies and Treats in*


You supply the space and table and we will supply the rest.

This party will be the talk of the town, From the adults to the kids that attended.

Your guest will be thrilled to leave and go home with their cake & cupcakes and skills learned while having fun at your party.


All this at the low price of $360.00 for 7 kids. 

Each eatra child $25.00


Cake & Cupcake Decorating 

3 hours.

 Fondant to your package 

for the kids who have a little bit more creative side of them. 

We bring in the 

*Marshmallow Fondant*

*Colors for Fondant*

*Rolling Pins, Mats*

*Fondant Cutters*

*All tools to create*

Fondant is wonderful for older kids they will love rolling it out and cutting different things out. 


Add this to any package for $75.00 

Mega Treats Table with personalized treat bags for each guest  $225.00


Cloth aprons $call for price..


For parties larger than 12

Add extra 1/2 hour $ 40.00



Personalized Party Bags Available $3.75 and up 


Jumbo Cupcake Cake $45.00




Add On's:

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