Mothers Day Baskets

Mothers Day Baskets

Place your orders for the special women in your life mothers day is for any mother not just your mom...
we have 3 sizes to fit everyones budget..

Small includes: 2 Cakejarz, Personalized basket wrapped with Balloon, 1dz. personalized Strawberries and candy. for only $30.00

Medium includes: 2 Cakejarz, 1 Dz. Personalized Strawberries,Personalized basket wrapped with balloon, push up pops or cake pops, chocolate covered oreos and candy...for only $45.00

Large includes: 2 cakejarz, personalized martini, 1dz. personalized strawberries, personalized basket with balloon, cake pops or push up pops, cookies and chocolate covered oreos a gift and candy...for only $60.00

Be sure to include name on basket colors and message for basket.. also delivery address and time..

Custom baskets available inquire @215-908-5839.